Business IT Solutions Tailor-made for you

Knowing that your business can run smoothly without worrying about the headache of IT issues, can boost sales, production and general morale.

Many businesses are frustrated by the chasm that seems to exist between their daily operations and IT. It is a near impossible feat for IT to deliver, because it simply does not speak business, and visa versa. But the divide can be overcome.

Evolv Networks can bridge this gap by defining the framework, which allows the business to smoothly communicate with IT. This way the business objectives can be met and IT can maintain an acceptable level of service.


So, how does this all begin?

This process always starts with Strategy discussions to determine the objectives of the business and how it affects IT.

This allows for each departmental head to communicate plans effectively. IT can then determine the costs so that fund allocations can be made based on the biggest return and not simply pleasing the department that shouts the loudest.

Once finalized, IT is then tasked with the technology delivery of the Strategy.


Technology vs. Business Service SLA’s

Many businesses have an all-inclusive Service Level Agreement (SLA), which simply states a 100% uptime target with their IT Partner or IT Department.

This is grossly unrealistic, since there are single points of failure, which easily compound into combined downtime of more than the target. The other reality is that most business systems do not have to be 100% available, for example – Payroll would only need to be available 100% on the 25 th of every month between 8am to 5pm. For the rest of the month they do not need to be online.

In order to deliver on a departmental business service, we transfer your business from a Technology Based Agreement, which fixates on uptime of individual pieces of equipment to a Business Service Based Agreement. Departmental heads have no interest in the puzzle of computer equipment, but rather whether their ERP, Payroll or Internet Services are operating optimally when they need them.

This transfer ensures that your availability and performance expectations as a departmental head are realised. Any limitations are identified and captured in the SLA.

This shift is essential in ensuring that IT can deliver and that the goal posts are defined based on your expectations.

This is exactly what partnering with Evolv can offer.

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