Eliminate risky situations in your business

The smallest security gap in your business systems can cause the biggest destruction and most businesses do not realise that their IT Partner can be their biggest risk.

Choosing a partner that never neglects the below crucial risk areas and enables timely action, is key to your daily operation.

Remote Support

The Challenge
Many companies utilize TeamViewer as a remote support tool, but few consider that the ID/Password system can easily be communicated to external parties, who can then have unauthorized and unaudited access.

The Solution
With Evolv’s system, the access provided to your networks is fully audited through our Remote Access System with restrictions to reduce the risks

Password Capturing and Logging

The Challenge
Key logging is a very common practice for hackers to gain access to networks and capturing an IT technician’s details will grant them easy access to a multitude of businesses.

The Solution
Our access is secured through 60 Second One Time Passwords (OTP), which means a password is only valid for 60 seconds and for one use. Much like the banks and other financial institutions offer OTP’s, so do we, ensuring constant safe and secure systems.

Document and Email Encryption

The Challenge
Confidential information is regularly sent between customer and IT Partners. This information can be accessed in transit or at the participating mailboxes.

The Solution
Any confidential correspondence we receive is encrypted using Galaxkey, a leading Email and Document Encryption Solution. Galaxkey is trusted by NASA and Ferrari alike, to encrypt sensitive information.

Recurring Staff Background Checks

The Challenge
The access granted to IT Staff makes them ideal targets for your competitors to gain access to your systems. This is amplified when a Technical Staff Member has personal financial issues, as they then become even more willing targets.

The Solution
Performing 6-monthly staff background checks allows us to track potential risks and take precautionary action.

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