We have invested in technology,
so that you don’t have to.

Do you know whether you have the latest documentation on hand? Are you sure your passwords are documented and stored securely? This and more can be ticked off in no time with our solutions. We invest in technology to ensure your business runs smoothly and your IT Department and Partners should have this under control.

Without concrete strategies and plans in place, your business’s survival is simply a ticking time bomb. With our highly reputable technology solutions we allow you to reduce risk and improve service delivery.


Stats show, in general, that IT staff spend 20% of their work time looking for information. It is a well-known fact that most work are grossly under-documented and there is no way to track how complete documentation is. Work is often stored in Excel spreadsheets with easy-password accessibility and no real control.

By investing in our IT Documentation Solution, Evolv can provide you with a view on how complete your documentation is. A 60-second, One Time Password system secures the access – your documentation is safe and at the same time this simplifies access.

Remote Monitoring

The Challenge
IT Partners and Departments do not always have the funds to operate an enterprise grade Remote Monitoring Solution. These systems alert the relevant parties to issues so that they can be resolved timeously and avoid outages. Even when they do have these systems, they are often badly configured.

The Solution
Evolv’s Remote Monitoring Solution is hosted in the Teraco CT1 Datacentre with 99.999% availability guaranteed. Our Intellectual Property includes processes and customization of our monitoring services, which our competitors (with the same Remote Monitoring product) do not own or deploy.


The Challenge
You allow IT Partners and Internal staff remote access while their passwords are easily captured through key logging.

The Solution
Evolv’s access is managed through the AuthAnvil Authentication Services, which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The authentication system generates 60-second, One Time usage passwords and the system is Geo-Located in North America, Europe and East Asia, to ensure continuous availability.

Ticket Systems

The Challenge
Many IT Partners and Departments utilise free or inferior ticketing systems, which have no critical integration into other value adding systems.

The Solution
Our Investment Solutions in Autotask ensures that we have a premium Ticket System that fully integrates into our Documentation and Remote Monitoring Solutions. This ensures that the Remote Monitoring Solution can create tickets for events, as well as close them when they are resolved. The rich integration ensures that your support costs are reduced in the process.


The Challenge
IT Partners and Departments are notorious for not supplying reports on their environment, or when they do, the reports are useless unless you are an IT person.

The Solution
Report Manager allows us to generate valuable Capacity and Health Reports so that you can run your business with confidence, knowing that you are getting the IT Management reports you need.


The Challenge
Your sensitive correspondence and documentation with your IT Partner is at risk, because the items are never encrypted to protect the information.

The Solution
By investing in Galaxkey we are able to encrypt your correspondence and documents to ensure it is secured.

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