Security Solutions to Protect Your Business

Ransomware, Weaponised PDF’s, Zero Day Security Threats and many more – Evolv can assist.

You protect your business against physical theft without question. So, why should it be any different for your data? Here are the reasons to implement an offensive strategy when it comes to protecting your important business information:

  • Eliminate and reduce the effects of RansomWare infections.
  • Remove dependency on staff to “police” their own actions.
  • Aggressively secure against Zero Day security threats.
  • Reduce risk of email fraud and payments to fraudsters.
  • Protect against weaponised PDF, Word and other attachments

Cyber attacks don’t just happen in the movies. They are a very real and dangerous pastime for digital thieves. They will attempt to steal your data and abuse your systems, for ransom and reward. This can potentially debilitate your business, should you not have taken the correct measures to protect and store your vital data.

The threat becomes amplified when you have mobile workers, who constantly are bringing in, unknowingly, countless threats from the outside. Do you want to walk into your office, only to find that it has been brought to its knees for hours or even days?

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We provide cloud based:

  • Random or slow speeds can be experienced when accessing servers.
  • The frequency of wireless disconnecting can be frustrating.
  • You can get stuck on slower access points.
  • Wireless can be easily hackable, due to poor security.
  • Being directly connected to network allows unsecured access to your data.
  • Guest/visitors access is not controlled resulting in slow internet.

Note – RansomeWare hits have increased by 35%, as encrypting and holding hostage your important data has the makings of an extremely profitable opportunity.

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