Workstation and Server Self-healing methods

We expect our computer equipment to run every day, all day, but when it comes to our hard-working IT apparatus, we cannot afford to neglect critical maintenance clean-ups and checks.

If we were to neglect our bodies as we do our IT workstations, it would eventually fail us. So, why do we neglect the machinery that runs our vital business functions?

The reasons normally relate to staff capacity and productivity – both challenges that can be overcome with self-healing IT measures.

IT environments are becoming ever more complex and the pressure on internal IT staff to ensure all equipment performs optimally, affects the productivity of all staff and does not allow IT managers to be pro-active. Crisis management becomes the order of the day, often with catastrophic results for the business.


The Evolv partnership is preventative.

With self-healing solutions, the wheels keep turning in the business because the workstations are maintained and automated alerts result in quick action to avoid the crisis.

Why Evolv Recommends Self-Healing Automation Tools

  • Mundane routine maintenance tasks are automated, allowing IT staff to focus on more complex strategic issues.
  • Staff retention is higher due to the self-healing tools that essentially lighten the load.
  • IT support environment in general will be more stimulating and rewarding.
  • Automated maintenance is scheduled for after hours, therefore no productivity losses due to faulty workstations during business hours.

Key Features Of The Automation Tools

  •  Self-healing Remediation – the system picks up issues and self-fixes.
  •  After Hours, Automated Maintenance – no disturbance for staff.
  •  IT System Health Dashboard – a quick look.
  •  Cloud Hosted System – offsite data storage.
  •  SMS Alerting – receiving alerts when there are issues.
  •  Anti-Virus Status Reporting – preventing the crisis due to early warning of potential virus attacks.



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