Cover your greatest assets with a simple Risk Intelligence Scan System

When it comes to protecting your business, it is not just about alarms and security gates. Never forget the computer vulnerabilities and threats.

Don’t give away your business to competitors – scanning your systems to protect you against external attacks, starts with a simple software solution.

What Is The Risk To My Business?

  • Credit card information stored in emails and documents can be stolen.
  • Staff and customer personal information can be stolen.
  • Vulnerabilities can be exploited to attack your network.
  • External penetration attempts may succeed via “open doors”.

How will my Business Be Affected?

  • Large volumes of fraudulent credit card transactions can be processed.
  • Law suits and legal ramifications as a result of leaked information.
  • Attackers abuse vulnerability to install their own debilitating software.
  • Reputation damage to your business as a result of a hack.


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