Unproductive staff can be a thing of the past

You need staff. But, when they are unproductive, your hard-earned money goes to waste. The solutions – invest in a system that monitors and increases productivity.

What Can Set Up my new Business for failure?

  • Staff spend excessive time on non-productive websites.
  • Instant messaging such as Skype is used to communicate with friends and the competition.
  • Staff struggle to get through their workload, resulting in more staff to be employed.
  • Social Media can take up too much of their productive hours.

How Will These Risks Affect My Business?

  • Tasks are not completed leading to frustrated customers.
  • Office time is wasted and competitive information is leaked.
  • Profitability drops and more staff are required.
  • Pricing needs to be increased, leading to customers leaving.

How can Evolv Help?

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