Internet Connectivity that just works

Investing in a strong and stable Internet Connection is vital to the longevity and of your business.

When your Internet goes down or you struggle to upload or download, it can be a very frustrating. Investing in a secure and steady connection can make all the difference.

What Can Set Up my new Business for failure?

  • Internet may be shared with other companies (contented).
  • Internet is “toggled” (slowed down) during peak usage.
  • Fair usage limits may apply that cuts off or slows down internet.
  • Upload speeds limit your ability to move to the cloud.
  • Support provided for the service is inferior.
  • No graphing of traffic to see high/low usage.
  • No backup internet solutions when internet fails.

How Will These Risks Affect My Business?

  • Shared Internet can lead to unproductive workforce.
  •  Slow internet causes customer service delays.
  •  Internet is cut off near month-end when you need it the most.
  •  You cannot use cloud backup or cloud file storage due to upload limitations.

How can Evolv Help?

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