Your easy access to event auditing and protecting your and your client’s data

Setting up systems so that your important and vital data is protected can be as easy as dealing with Evolv Networks.

Event Auditing is crucial to ensure your data is protected.

What Are The Risks To My Business?

  • Attackers attempt to log in after-hours, without anyone noticing.
  • Brute force attacks guess passwords until they find the right one.
  • Data is stolen gradually without any alarms going off.
  • Your customers are targeted once attackers are on your network.

How Will These Risks Affect My Business?

  • Confidential customer information can be leaked.
  • Customer invoices are manipulated and they make payments to the fraudster’s accounts.
  • Loss of credibility once customers realise their information is not safe, and they move their business elsewhere.
  • Directors are held legally liable for negligence.

How can Evolv Help?

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