All you need to know on IT Risk Elimination

Ensuring your data and vital information is safe and secure can be a tedious process. We can provide a foolproof solution.

While most insure their assets against fire, theft, water damage and other outside forces, business owners often don’t think about securing their IT assets. By that, we mean the data and systems which is vital to your business continuity.

What would happen if:

  • You were not able to provide proof for a litigation case?
  • You couldn’t produce five years of accounting records to tax authorities?
  • Your business’s intellectual property was compromised due to staff theft and leakage of valuable information?
  • HR issues arose due to staff browsing pornographic material whilst at work?
  • Disaster Recovery was not possible or became a lengthy process?

How Can These IT Risks Affect your Business?

  • Without email/files copies stored at an impartial 3 rd party, the authenticity in litigation cannot be proven.
  • The incorrect backup retention policies may fall short of tax laws.
  • Staff can leak information, which can put your business at a huge competitive disadvantage.
  • Lack of internet control can result in staff filing complaints with management regarding inappropriate content. Inaction can result in staff resigning and further legal issues.
  • Loss of business can occur due to customers not receiving prompt service or having a complete business collapse due to data loss.



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