Evolv manages your essential services

There are essential IT solutions every business needs to have in place to make processes and systems run effectively. Evolv Networks is your IT Business partner, the extension to your business operation, who will manage these essential services for you, so you can focus on growing the bottom line.

Let’s take a look at the solutions needed:

Office 365 Security Gaps

1. Hardware & Infrastructure

I1 Infrastructure as a Service

It is costly to kit out your business with the equipment required to start trading. Laptops, printers and the like all cost money and get upgraded and improved so often that you simply cannot keep up with the rate of replacement. Using IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) as part of your managed IT solution, you will reap the benefits of up-to-date hardware and less capital outlay. The IaaS solution hosts hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components on your behalf. READ MORE


2. Software

L1 Licencing

With all the software you use on a daily basis, are you positive that it’s all compliant? Your business cannot afford the hefty fines and security risks that go hand-in-hand with unlicensed software. As you IT partner, Evolv Networks will audit your IT system thoroughly and point ensure there are no gaps or breaches. READ MORE


O1 Office 365

The perfect all-in-one essential IT solution for your business. You choose what you need and only pay for that. We have been involved with Cloud Productivity since 2011 and have the experience and expertise to take stock of your current environment and make key deployment decisions to assist you with the quick implementation and use of Office 365. READ MORE


3. Security & Backup

S1 Advanced Threat Security

Cyber-threats, ransomware attacks and the like is real for any business – like all criminals, the cyber-criminals want to make quick money and if your protection is not up to date, you become vulnerable target practice. There are a few options to secure your business, but implementing the right protection is crucial. As your IT Partner, Evolv Networks provides an integrated IT solution which focusses, amongst other things, on implementing an advanced threat security solution for your business. READ MORE


B1 Backups

You’ll never have to experience the utter terror when you realise the extent of your loss if you have our B1 Backups solution a part of the integrated IT solution. Life happens, hardware becomes faulty or get stolen, software plays up, nature throws you a curveball – if your data is backed-up, you can be up and running in no time, without inconveniencing your customers. READ MORE


D1 Disaster Recovery as a Service

Don’t close your doors because you can’t get back up and running after disaster strikes. As part of our business IT solutions, Evolv Networks will help you to put a proper disaster recovery plan in place and continually monitor and test it to make sure it works. READ MORE


4. Monitoring

A1 Automation & Monitoring

Neglecting IT systems is unfortunately rather common, but for equipment expected to perform optimally on a continual basis, you need to implement a business IT solution that automates timeous alerting to enable proactive response to potential issues. Evolv’s A1 Automation & Monitoring solution does just that – proactively monitoring the health and status of your physical and virtual systems. READ MORE

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