IT Solutions to ensure a secure and profitable Architectural business

Accessing and storing your very particular data in your architectural business can be tricky. Knowing it is managed by professionals can relief stress and boost profits.

Knowing what is important to your business is what will make the difference between success and failure.

When it comes to the documentation, drawings and other important information you store for your clients, it is vital that you can access and store them properly, and be able to connect with your clients in a timeous and efficient manner.

What Issues Do Assessments Reveal?

Some questions you should ask to determine how vulnerable your accounting firm is:

  • You need to have continuous accessibility to your AutoCAD and other printing systems.
  • Knowing your storage facilities are secure will alleviate stress.
  • Being able to access all historical drawings is vital for future work.
  • Having speedy connectivity is paramount to sending & receiving large files.
  • Ensuring staff can efficiently capture work into specific project systems can improve efficiency.
  • When you can maximise the productivity of team members, you can increase profits.
  • Meeting industry compliancy standards will help you breathe easier.

How can Evolv Help?

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