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From storage to compliancy, Evolv has you covered.

When it comes to complying as per the rules set out for Accounting firms, such as POPI and SARS, it is very easy to drop the ball. However, if you have a good backup system, readily accessible data and a storage process that will turn heads, you can rest assured that all vital aspects are covered.

What Should You Be Concerned About?

Some questions you should ask to determine how vulnerable your accounting firm is:

  • Do you have continuous accessibility to your Pastel or other accounting systems?
  • Does your current backup system allow for retention of a full 5-year period and is it fully accessible?
  • Do you have a speedy link up to CIPC and SARS E-filing systems?
  • Are your clients’ records stored securely and easily attainable at short notice?
  • Does your current system allow your staff to maximise their full productivity levels?
  • Is your record keeping and POPI documents compliant?

How can Evolv Help?

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