Continuity Solutions to counter IT Outages

Outages can be a headache of the past with the right system in place.

In this day and age, outages are common, however, we don’t fully realise the impact they have on our businesses in the long run. Avoiding these unnecessary time-outs can be as easy as implementing a fool-proof system.

How Do Outages Affect Your Business?

  • PABX and telephone line failure results in missed orders and customer’s queries going unanswered.
  • Internet line outages cause delays in emails and business critical websites are unavailable.
  • Printer outage results in backlog of print jobs and important documents, such as delivery notes and invoices.
  • Firewall and network switch failures bring down the internet and network.
  • Power supply, UPS and generator failure disrupts operations.
  • Server software/hardware failures result in business disruption.

How can Evolv Help?

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