Secure your IT Assets with simple but effective solutions

In this day and age of cyber-attacks, Ransomware, and a list of other data viruses, you need to ensure your precious IT information is safe.

When you set up your business, one of the first aspects of security you should implement, is the protection of your physical assets. Why then, do most businesses not consider their IT as a physical asset? Recovering from a complete meltdown as a result of IT attacks can debilitate your business far more than an actual physical disaster.

How Can IT Security Threats Affect Your Business?

  • By not auditing remote access you allow perpetrators to connect to your system during non-business hours.
  • Poor configuration on gateways and firewalls allows easy access to your systems via “phone home” tools such as Teamviewer.
  • Mobile devices are allowed unrestricted access to your network and bring in unwanted threats.
  • Staff plug personal devices onto the network which can carry harmful viruses and Ransomware.
  • Passwords are written down and poorly managed, allowing easy access.
  • Word, PDF and Excel documents are not scanned for malicious “weaponised” content, allowing hackers free rein.
  • Security updates are not maintained on workstations and servers, leaving gaping security holes.
  • Vulnerability and penetration scans are not performed to identify issues.

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