Secure Your Business – Quick & Easy Encryption Solution

Protecting your sensitive customer and corporate information can seem like an impossible task. We have a simple, secure solution.

If your business saves digital ID documents of staff and customers then you should be extremely concerned with the security of these digital assets. Even more so bank account, medical data, human resource files and a myriad of personal information that is frequently open to possible malicious access.

The reputation damage suffered from a breach of this data can far outweigh the potential fines and can cripple your business. Fortunately there is a simple and cost effective solution offered by Galaxkey, a leader in Email and Document Encryption.


Why Does It Matter?

  • Customer/staff data can easily be stolen
  • Reputation damage from data breach
  • Sensitive files can be accidentally sent to the wrong recipient
  • Costs of recovering data damaged by Ransomware


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