Compliance Solutions at your fingertips

Peace of mind can be had when you rely on a professional to handle your IT compliance issues.

Why do you need to worry about compliance? There is so much red tape, it just proves impossible to follow the regulated laws, right? Sure, it is a headache, but not following protocol can lead to devastating circumstances for your business.

Put your trust in a system that will both regulate and remind you of important compliancy deadlines.

Why does it matter?

  • An automated system will allow you to comply with laws and acts easily
  • Your business will operate more efficiently
  • It will provide peace of mind to your customers
  • It will give you an added competitive advantage

No matter how small or big your business is, organisations and owners are responsible and accountable for complying with legislation. As it is with the Companies Act, the Director/s are held accountable for adhering to compliance regulations, and will be deemed negligent should they not toe the line, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

When it comes to the POPI Act alone, you need to ensure your business complies on many levels, namely:

  • Ensuring you only collect information that is required for a specific purpose
  • Applying reasonable security measures to protect the information
  • Holding on to as much as you need to and for as long as is needed
  • Allowing the subject of the information to view said information on request

Take the strain away from remembering all the compliance rules by implementing a safe and secure system with Evolv.

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