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Why virtual CIO makes business sense

A vCIO is an outsourced expert who will partner with you. They understand the ins and outs of your business, create and manage overarching strategy, integrate and leverage technology and make decisions to help your business stay ahead of the game in your industry.

Gerhard Conradie, MD Evolv Networks confirms why virtual CIO services can work for you.

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How cyber secure is your travel agency?

Travel companies rely on booking partners and third-party vendors, making them vulnerable to hackers as they cannot always vouch for these vendors’ cybersecurity measures. Cybercriminals know these third-party vendors are attractive aggregation points of sensitive data.

The good news is that these third-party access points can be tamper-proofed. Gerhard Conradie, MD at Evolv Networks, gives insight on how exactly to do this.

Gerhard is a certified MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, NT4) and CNE (Certified Novell Engineer, Netware 5).

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Deli Spices ups cloud services with Office 365

As the oldest Mimecast partner in Cape Town, Evolv Networks was ideally positioned to provide Email Continuity and Archival integration into Office 365 for the third largest spice manufacturer in South Africa.

The deployment mitigated the risks associated with Cloud Email with continuity provided by Mimecast South Africa.

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