Want Loyal Customers? Use Social Theory To Design IT Services

The IT department must demonstrate it is listening, and the business units must show they’re making the effort to communicate their wants and needs.

This allows IT systems to find natural alignment with the business needs, rather than being force-fit from above.

Gerhard Conradie: Managing Director of Evolv Networks.



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Why IT Service Management?

Adopting cutting-edge tech, reducing costs and ensuring good governance are some of the many good reasons to adopt an ITSM strategy. But it is fundamentally designed to help align IT systems to what the business, not the IT department needs, says Gerhard Conradie, MD of Evolv Networks.


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Manufacturers: Hackers Ultimately Aim To Control Your Shop Floor

Neither anti-virus programs nor firewalls are effective at constantly blocking common attacks on the manufacturing industry, says Gerhard Conradie, MD of Evolv Networks.

The greatest risks to your manufacturing business may come down to simple permission errors or server misconfigurations that can be prevented by analysing the threats, understanding the potential impact and defining necessary security controls.


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