Keeping your costs down as an elite partner.

Some partnerships are just meant to be, and this can be said for Evolv Network’s connection with N-able since 2011. From there we began to increase our license count and skills on a rapid basis.

Within one year we were awarded the N-able Top Technical Partner of the Year Award. The solutions from N-able allow for strong integration into our Service Desk, with tickets being created and closed automatically, and as needed. This, combined with the Automation functionality, has allowed us to keep operational and customers costs low by automating as much as possible.

In 2013, we proudly achieved Elite Partner Status, a status that has only been achieved by their top 10 partners in South Africa.

Evolv Networks has been active in influencing technical and feature changes in the solution for many years and will continue to provide input to the development of this product.

In April 2015, N-able was acquired by one of the largest software companies, Solarwinds. With this came many other products and capabilities which we have acquired as a result of the acquisition.

We look forward to maximizing this partnership as they grow and innovate.

Partner Status:

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