Secure against email-based threats.

Our in-depth experience and knowledge of the Mimecast products ensure that customers receive the maximum value from their Mimecast investment.

The partnership with Mimecast began in 2006 and Evolv Networks was one of their first Cape Town partners, making us the oldest Mimecast partner in town.

Evolv Networks has continued to adopt the latest protection provided by Mimecast as a secure barrier against email based threats.

In 2012, with the launch of Office 365, we started offering Continuity Services for our customers. We used Mimecast within the borders of the relevant country, while email hosting was outside of the country. This gave many early Office 365 adopters the peace of mind that they would not be crippled if the international connectivity failed.

Recently, we have been promoting Target Threat Protection with Attachment Protection, Impersonation Protection and URL Protection. We also recommend the adoption of the Mimecast Outlook plug-in for easy email search/SPAM flagging, as well as the Mimecast Mobile App.

Evolv Networks uses the technology on a daily basis, and as a product, the solution cannot be faulted.

Mimecast products we specialise in:

the process of capturing internal to internal emails to Mimecast for long term archiving

Intelligent Email Routing
splitting emails at the Mimecast level to the relevant downstream servers

POPI Compliant Archival Purging
receiving and automating the removal of archived emails past their useful age

Targeted Threat Protection Deployments
Impersonation, Weaponised attachment and Web link protection

Monitoring of Mimecast Alerts
on behalf of customers and reacting to alerts.


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