The perfect encryption product.

When the first draft of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) became available, we began our partnership with Galaxkey, which was back in 2014.

The Galaxkey partnership was an ideal match as we were in need of a document and email encryption solution for internal use, as well as providing encryption services to our customers. With an exceptional support team and a great product roadmap, it has become the perfect encryption product.

By 2015, we deployed 250 seats to a food and beverage manufacturer, who wanted to secure communication, as well as encrypt sensitive information.

With the imminent compliancy deadline of POPI, we are confident that we have the capabilities to provide our customers environments with the compliance mechanisms to cater to the POPIĀ Principles:

  • Principle 3 [Control Section 14(2)]
  • Principle 7 [Control Section 18(1) a & b)
  • Principle 7 [Control Section (18(2) c]
  • Principle 7 [Control Section 20(1)]

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