Budget Apps – How Secure Are They?

Keep your expenses in check, budget smartly, build savings, pay off debt, avoid late charges and stay in the black – these are some of the clever, on-the-go money moves you can make when using a budget or personal finance app. It’s no wonder then that this handy, paperless financial tool is reportedly a booming marketplace in South Africa.

How cyber secure is your travel agency?

Travel companies rely on booking partners and third-party vendors, making them vulnerable to hackers as they cannot always vouch for these vendors’ cybersecurity measures. Cybercriminals know these third-party vendors are attractive aggregation points of sensitive data.

The good news is that these third-party access points can be tamper-proofed. Gerhard Conradie, MD at Evolv Networks, gives insight on how exactly to do this.

Gerhard is a certified MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, NT4) and CNE (Certified Novell Engineer, Netware 5).

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