Security and management of private mobile devices

Controlling what your staff bring into your business should be a major priority. The exposure that personal mobile devices bring, can have crippling effects on your business. Ensure you provide adequate protection with our Mobile Device Management.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a blessing for employers, but it can also be a curse. With a sharp increase in mobile device hacks, you can ill afford to ignore the risk to your business.

While your staff may not know they are opening up a porthole to cyber-attacks, it is your responsibility to protect your business from such onslaught.

What Is The Risk To My Business?

  • Threats are brought into your network using staff’s personal mobile devices.
  • Root and security hacked devices are prime candidates for infection.
  • Files are directly accessible over the wi-fi network.
  • Information is stolen or encrypted for ransom.
  • Staff can copy data to their mobile phones.
  • Company email and files are stolen with the personal device.

How will my Business Be Affected?

  • Directors can be held personally responsible for negligence.
  • Businesses grind to a halt, due to infections and leaked information.
  • Sensitive documentation is stolen by staff by copying onto their phone, and then leaving with it.
  • Confidential emails and files can be leaked from stolen devices.


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